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Summary: Building a HQ for Avalanche is a lot of work. Tifa soaks in the shower after a hard day. Barret offers her a massage. Smut with a couple of pages of buildup.
Length: 4300 words
Rating: M for explicit M/F
Notes: Some time ago, I scribbled down an idea along the lines of Barret and Tifa, non-penetrative and non-romantic sex, because you don't have to have that kind of relationship to offer a helping hand, or a soapy titwank. Which may not be the most tasteful thing I've ever written, but it seems to get the point across. First started writing this about a year ago - hopefully that's not too obvious, but I've stared at this for much too long to be able to notice things like that anymore.

Tifa groaned as the first drops of warm water from the shower spattered on her skin. )
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Summary: Tifa hates washing dishes. Cloud finds it's not very difficult to lure her away from them and back into bed.
Length: 2100 words
Rating: M for explicit M/F
Notes: Written (again very quickly) for [community profile] areyougame on DW in response to a prompt for "Cunnilingus — She found out in a rather interesting way that Cloud didn't need to talk much to know how to use his mouth to express himself". Could have been longer, but I ran out of time...

It was an almost laughably stereotypical domestic scene. )
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Summary: Tifa finds herself attracted to Aeris and masturbates in the bath while fantasizing about her. Then she feels guilty about it.
Length: 3200 words
Rating: M
Notes: I can't believe there was a FFVII kink meme out there and I couldn't find it until now. Fuck!

It was the dress that did it. )

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