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Summary: When Rydia asked Rosa for archery lessons, she did not anticipate some of the problems she would have. And Rosa's solution may not be an improvement.
Length: 1300 words
Rating: Pg13-ish?
Notes: Written for Porn Battle. Also some kind of attempt at digging myself out of a slump. Success level: it took an entire week, most of which was spent researching archery. Better than taking an arrow to the knee, I guess.

"This isn't going well at all," Rydia griped, and allowed the bow to slip from her aching fingers onto the grass below. )
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Summary: Edge spies on Rydia as she steps out of the bath, not expecting her to have company - especially not that kind of company. But that doesn't mean he can just stop watching.
Length: 2800 words
Rating: M for explicit M/F, xeno, and a perverted ninja.
Notes: I forgot what Ifrit looked like in IV and used one of his later incarnations. Oh well. Written (a long time ago) for Springkink.

Edge has never been too concerned with doing "the right thing", but he knew from the beginning that what he was doing wasn't it. )
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Summary: The Feymarch grows warm, and Rydia seeks out a spirit of ice.
Length: 3500 words
Rating: M for explicit F/F, xeno
Notes: Written for Sidequest @ DW.

Surrounded by magma flows, buried deep in the earth, the land of eidolons never experiences winter. )

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