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Summary: Long before P4 Arena, long before the characters had a chance to officially interact, there was a kink meme... and a prompt along the lines of Naoto/Mitsuru. Mitsuru has a strap-on.
Length: 4000 words
Rating: M
Notes: I wasn't sure I got the voices right when I wrote this, and I'm not sure now either, but what the hell. Old fill from the original Persona 4 kink meme.

The trip to Mitsuru Kirijo's apartment - or perhaps rather the Kirijo Group's apartment; there is only the company logo on the door - is short and exhilarating. )
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Summary: With everyone else heading off to bed after a trip to Tartarus, the original three members have a moment to themselves.
Length: 3200 words
Rating: M
Notes: Old fill from the now-defunct Persona 3 kink meme. Original prompt: Shinjiro/Akihiko/Mitsuru. Hot sex after beating up Shadows.

This must be what it felt like to be a father, Akihiko thought as he watched the 'children' go off to bed. )
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Summary: Prompt: "I've been dying for a senpai-centric Mitsuru-sandwich. That is to say, AkiMitsuShinji."
Length: 3500 words
Rating: M for explicit and somewhat rough F/M/M sex
Notes: I had been sitting on the first couple of paragraphs since ~2008, after a prompt I started on but never finished on another meme. I believe it was a request for something rough, which is why this turned out the way it did.

'Harder,' she begs as Akihiko's tongue lashes her stiff clit. )

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