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Summary: The Mako: An implausibly bouncy tank, and the love of Shepard's life. Something like that, anyway.
Length: 400 words
Rating: G
Notes: I've been doing Makofic every time I've seen a drabble thread. (Well, the first one was technically a "write three sentences about your OTP" one, and I actually wrote three paragraphs, but... it's still 100 words.)

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Summary: Shepard licks, spanks and fucks Liara's blue behind. Eventually Kelly joins in, too.
Length: 6000 words.
Rating: M for explicit M/F, M/F/F
Notes: Lots of buttsex lately... Fill for a (really old) prompt on the ME kink meme.

The monitor devoted solely to following the Normandy's progress told Liara the ship was in her system several moments before it arrived. )
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Summary: Miranda tries to distract Shepard from his work, and finds that the sensitizing gel she bought is perhaps a little too effective. Mostly breast play.
Length: 3900 words.
Rating: M for explicit M/F
Notes: Fill for the ME kink meme in response to a request for "more titty fucking."

Miranda had not expected a vacation, but she had, on some level, thought things would quiet down after the mission. )
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Summary: Shepard walks in on Tali doing some squats. He sets out to distract her.
Length: 2200 words.
Rating: M for explicit M/F
Notes: Fill for the ME kink meme.

It was not a big gym, or a well equipped one, but it had the basics. )
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Summary: The Collectors are gone, but Shepard has little time to rest - just enough for one last stop at Omega.
Length: 3300 words
Rating: M
Notes: Fourth and final part in a series.

Next time, fix your comm FIRST, message SECOND. )
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Summary: Apparently, the best way to catch an ardat-yakshi is to be the biggest hipster in the galaxy. Naturally, Shepard was up to the task.
Length: 2900 words
Rating: M
Notes: Third part in a series.

Problem solved. Got the blood pumping. Tell you about it later. )
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Summary: After an unpleasant encounter on Horizon, Shepard stops by Omega to get drunk and laid. Aria decides she can manage both.
Length: 3000 words
Rating: M for rough sex
Notes: Second part in a series.

I need a place to get drunk and laid. Recommendations? )
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Summary: Shepard stops by the Afterlife to give Aria a report on the situation with Archangel. Written in response to a request for Aria and Shepard as fuckbuddies.
Length: 3000 words
Rating: M
Notes: First part in a series.

I'm 90 minutes from Omega. Got room for my ship in your dock? )
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Summary: Who needs beds when you have a cargo hold? Prompt was for "anal sex with Jack on the receiving end".
Length: 2000 words
Rating: M for explicit M/F sex, anilingus
Notes: --

He couldn't remember the last time they fucked in a bed. )
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Summary: Miranda spent a long time poking around Shepard's body. It's about time he got some payback. Prompt: "ManShep/Miranda slow, graphic fingering." It contains quite a lot of that. And some other stuff. Mostly fingering, though.
Length: 4800 words
Rating: M for explicit M/F sex
Notes: --

'This is not fair at all.' )
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Summary: Renegade male Shepard/paragon femShep, with Tali and Garrus commentary. Inspired by this picture.
Length: 2000 words
Rating: R for not-so-explicit M/F sex
Notes: Crack.

Tali groaned and leaned her head in her hands, palms covering her visor. )
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Summary: After the suicide mission, Shepard returns to Omega to drink his sorrows away. Aria suggests an alternative. There's plenty of explicit sex here, but it's not as rough as it could have been.
Length: 5100 words
Rating: M
Notes: You wouldn't know it from the time it took me to write this, but I actually rather like this concept and setup. (Also fuck the haters, Aria is badass.)

Despite claims to the contrary, Aria T'loak is not Omega. )

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