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2020-03-01 12:00 am

[sticky entry] Sticky: Purpose

This is a fic journal.

(It is also a backup account for

The idea behind it is to have a place to collect things posted anonymously elsewhere, in case someone shuts down a kink meme during a drunken power trip or something. (I only go on power trips while sober, so no need to worry about that here.)

IP logging is off, anonymous comments are enabled. Comments are welcome, constructive criticism very welcome.
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2016-03-30 06:22 pm

[Final Fantasy IV] "Arrows" - Rydia/Rosa

Summary: When Rydia asked Rosa for archery lessons, she did not anticipate some of the problems she would have. And Rosa's solution may not be an improvement.
Length: 1300 words
Rating: Pg13-ish?
Notes: Written for Porn Battle. Also some kind of attempt at digging myself out of a slump. Success level: it took an entire week, most of which was spent researching archery. Better than taking an arrow to the knee, I guess.

"This isn't going well at all," Rydia griped, and allowed the bow to slip from her aching fingers onto the grass below. )
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2015-02-15 10:26 am

Love on six wheels

Summary: The Mako: An implausibly bouncy tank, and the love of Shepard's life. Something like that, anyway.
Length: 400 words
Rating: G
Notes: I've been doing Makofic every time I've seen a drabble thread. (Well, the first one was technically a "write three sentences about your OTP" one, and I actually wrote three paragraphs, but... it's still 100 words.)

Read the drabbles )
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2014-11-28 05:00 am

[Fate/Zero] "Only One Spear" - Saber/Lancer

Summary: The prompt for this was Saber and Lancer take time off to have a sparring match. Flirting ensues, and Saber winds up straddling Lancer. Not the type to waste such a golden opportunity (seeing as Saber likes him of her own volition), Lancer suggests they take their competition to the bedroom. Whoever makes the other come first wins.
Length: 3200 words
Rating: M
Notes: There is no such thing as "too many spear jokes" in porn with a guy called "Lancer" involved.

I wanted the prose to have a kind of FS/N feel to it, but even though I'm re-reading the damn thing right now I can't really say how successful I've been. Same, sadly, goes for the voices of the characters. I actually rewatched their duels in Zero for this, but... Oh well.

"Your form is as formidable as ever, Saber." )
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2014-11-01 01:50 am

[Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones] "Inappropriate" - Eirika, Ephraim

Summary: It may not be appropriate for the princess to join her brother in the bath, but Eirika is not about to let that stop her.
Length: 500 words
Rating: G
Notes: "Write three sentences about a rare pair", they said. "I might be able to manage three paragraphs," I thought. I thought wrong. It's not necessarily a "pair" either, though you could read it that way.

Inappropriate. Scandalous. Shameful. Eirika was well aware of the words that would be spoken, were anyone to find out. )
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2014-06-24 04:44 pm

[Persona 3, Persona 4] "Nothing At All" - Souji/Yukari

Summary: For a brief moment, Souji meets a girl who tastes like the wind and Yukari embraces another fool.
Length: 567 words
Rating: M
Notes: Old fill from the original Persona 4 kink meme. As usual, worth noting that this was requested and written long before Atlus started actually introducing these characters to each other. Also, pretty sure this was the very first thing I posted at the bathhouse, back in April 2009.

He's intrigued when she tells him he tastes familiar; even more when his question is cut short by having her panties stuffed in his mouth and being told to shut up. )
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2014-06-21 05:47 pm

[Persona 4] "Don't Push Your Luck" - Yosuke, Yukiko

Summary: The prompt for this was Yosuke/Lying Hablerie ...bonus points if he gets caught, and tries to explain just WHAT he was doing alone, in the castle, with the giant tongue.
Length: 254 words
Rating: M
Notes: Old fill from the original Persona 4 kink meme.

It was kind of hard to explain what he was doing with his pants around his ankles and a small ball-shaped shadow pressed against his crotch. )
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2014-06-19 05:48 pm

[Persona 4] "Fire without, fire within" - Dojima

Summary: Detective Dojima has the house to himself and takes a moment to relax in the bath.
Length: 679 words
Rating: M
Notes: Old fill from the original Persona 4 kink meme.

The house was dark, empty and silent when he returned from work. )
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2014-06-14 06:47 pm

[Persona 4] "Quarter Circle Forward" - Kanji/Naoto

Summary: Naoto kicks Kanji's ass at Street Fighter. After seeing his poor performance at video games, she decides to give him some help with his joystick.
Length: 5500 words
Rating: M
Notes: Old fill from the original Persona 4 kink meme. The prompt was for a fight over Street Fighter leading to smut.

Memorization of useless facts had never been one of Kanji's favourite activities. )
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2014-06-12 12:48 pm

[Persona 4] "I Won't Break" - Kanji/Naoto

Summary: The prompt for this was "Naoto controls from the bottom, bonus points for violent sex." It doesn't really get violent, but is still a bit rough in places.
Length: 2600 words
Rating: M
Notes: Old fill from the original Persona 4 kink meme.

It didn't take Kanji long to accept that Naoto is silent in bed. )
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2014-06-10 05:05 pm

[Persona 4] "But Not Now" - Kanji/Rise

Summary: Left behind by the people they love, Kanji and Rise try to drown their sorrows and end up making a stupid mistake.
Length: 563 words
Rating: M
Notes: Old fill from the original Persona 4 kink meme.

It was not what it should have been. )
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2014-06-08 02:09 pm

[Persona 4] "Frosting" - Souji/Naoto

Summary: The prompt for this was a picture I can't find, but it had Naoto tied up with ribbons and covered in chocolate sauce. The prompter also specified "absolutely no dick!Souji" and a preference for established relationship.
Length: 165 words
Rating: R?
Notes: Old fill from the original Persona 4 kink meme. Be careful what you ask for.

Souji grinned. )
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2014-06-06 09:46 pm

[Persona 4] "Lemme Wash Your Back" - Kanji/Naoto

Summary: Filling a request for Kanji and Naoto having sex in the bath in the context of an established, post-game relationship.
Length: 1400 words
Rating: M
Notes: Old fill from the original Persona 4 kink meme.

She comes into the bathroom still wearing her hat and coat, shedding snow all over the place. )
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2014-06-04 03:45 pm

[Persona 4] "Remote Control" - Kanji/Naoto

Summary: After keeping Naoto on edge with a remote-controlled vibrator the entire day, Kanji cuffs her to the bed and teases her some more. Naoto swears she'll never let him do that ever again. Not for an entire week.
Length: 3900 words
Rating: M
Notes: Old fill from the original Persona 4 kink meme. Filling a request for "... Kanji completely in charge, making Naoto wither and squirm and squeal and just be flat-out dominated during sex for a change."

The lunch break is almost up when she finally corners him, cheeks burning crimson, arms trembling as she grabs hold of his shirt and pushes him into a corner where they're unlikely to be overheard. )
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2014-05-31 11:31 pm

[Phantasy Star II] "Stolen Moments" - Rolf/Shir

Summary: After the events on Mota, Rolf takes Shir up on a standing offer.
Length: 6900 words
Rating: M
Notes: Fill for Are You Game? Prompt was One-Night Stand. It took me a million years to write and I'm still not happy about how it turned out, but this prompt could have been tailor-made for me so I had to do it. Had to.

Shir tugged at her freshly cleaned clothes, which clung to her skin, still slightly moist after what had to be the hottest shower she had ever taken. )
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2014-05-31 11:28 pm

[Persona 4] "Crimson" - Chie/Yukiko

Summary: The prompt for this was simply "finger-sucking."
Length: 651 words
Rating: M
Notes: Old fill from the original Persona 4 kink meme.

Chie tells her she looks good in red, so the logical step seems to be to wear a lot of it. )
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2014-05-29 04:38 pm

[Persona 4] "Summons to Yomi" - Naoto

Summary: Six people have vanished near the Shirogane Tunnel in Tokyo. Finally, a desperate police officer calls in a detective who shares the tunnel's name.
Length: 3100 words
Rating: PG13?
Notes: Old fill from the original Persona 4 kink meme. In short, the prompt was, The Shirogane tunnel is a tunnel in Tokyo that is said to be the gateway to the spiritual world used by the shinigami, the god of death ... Show me something with Naoto and this tunnel ... No "I guess it was just an urban legend after all, hahaha." The myth must be real in this.

Rain falls on a moonlit Tokyo. )
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2014-05-26 03:42 pm

[Persona 3] "From zero to cunnilingus in 400 words" - Yukari/M!Protagonist

Summary: Minato goes down on Yukari in a series of four sequential drabbles.
Length: 400 words
Rating: M
Notes: I saw a prompt to "write 100 words", so I did. A couple of times.

100 words, times four )